Testimonianza in Abruzzo

Progetto fotografico per Riabitare con l'Arte / Abruzzo

Lewis deSoto, artista in residenza, settembre 2021

In 2009, the Abruzzo region of L’Aquila, Italy was devastated by an earthquake that ravaged people and property.  Thousands of people were displaced.  The Italian government and the E.U. set as a priority the restoration of historic buildings and an immense re-housing project.

Riabitare con L’Arte and Lab 8 with other sponsors put together an international artist program to visit the smaller towns amidst their revival to bring new life and foster international relationships with artists from all over the world.

“Testimonianza in Abruzzo (Witness to Abruzzo)” brought the artist into contact with people from region.  Centered in the town of Barisciano, the artist spent a month getting in contact with people who would take the artist to sites in the area special to them.  They would give the artist writings which described their connection to these places.

The artist worked with a multiple image assembly technique that allowed for high resolution panoramas to be made, much like the POWER series, the works from the book EMPIRE and the series APPELLATION and WITNESS.

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